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SOLD – 1327 Kern Street, Colorado Springs, CO 80915

As you can see from the photo below, 1327 Kern Street was a beauty in her day. She was dressed with the finest details and was admired by all who entered. As happens to the best of us, age started catching up with her. Thinking she was still beautiful, those who loved her kept her in the same coverings for over half a century, even when her flesh had started to sag and her bones began to crack.

When she was very young, she fell and hurt herself a little. The people who loved her gave her a brace and she’s used that ever since. But the bone doctor visited recently and said she needed more rehab before 1327 Kern Street would be completely healed.

The entry to visit her is unique and enchanting. Her old clothes disguise some beautiful hardwood floors. Her ceilings are tall and even have beams. Her fireplace takes logs, and her garage houses two cars. You might even want to keep some of her jewelry. It’s old but it might still be classy.

"Jewelry" at 1327 Kern Street

When she was born 54 years ago, someone bought her and kept her the whole time. Sadly, they’ve moved on. Age and gravity have taken their toll. She has faith someone will fix her bones and see the charm still surrounding her and hopefully get her the rehab she needs. Then maybe she can get some new clothing and come back to a vibrant life.

She was a little vain that she looked so much like a famous house in Studio City, California. The Brady Bunch house has similar lines except they put their garage on the side. People often commented that she reminded them of someone.

1327 Kern Street in Colorado Springs and 11222 Dilling Street in Studio City

She’s been so lonely. She’d love for you to visit and see if you’d be a good fit. If you want to know more about 1327 Kern Street, please call the lady that’s taking care of her.

1327 Kern Street

By Mimi Foster

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