323 North Logan Downtown Colorado Springs

323 North Logan Downtown Colorado Springs
Home for Sale S O L D

I’m 83 years old and have taken good care of myself. I’m still blonde, and recently had a face lift. Kids from the Ronald McDonald house a few doors down love to pass by and say ‘hello.’ You could be with me and easily walk to Downtown Colorado Springs.

My family isn’t around anymore and I’m feeling neglected. Someone is staying with me, but they’re temporary, and will leave as soon as I find a permanent friend. I sure would like it if someone young or old would breathe some new life into my old bones. I promise you won’t be disappointed. I’ve brought a lot of people a lot of happiness over the years.

So please take a look at me.  My name is 323 North Logan in Downtown Colorado Springs.  I don’t cost much, and we could make each other really happy.

5 thoughts on “323 North Logan Downtown Colorado Springs”

  1. Awesome!!! You were able to keep the mystery till the end 🙂 I wish someone turns up quickly to take care of the old lady.

  2. Dear Mimi,
    I am the lucky person who took a leap of faith and purchased this old lady! Four years later she looks fabulous inside and out and my sweat equity has paid off 10 times over. I hope that one day you have the opportunity to drive by her and take a look. She is pretty wonderful in the winter but fabulous in the summer with her rear gardens and path ways. I will try and send you some interior and exterior photos. You won’t believe your eyes.

    Thank you.

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