About Mimi

To say I am a fifth-generation Realtor might sound clichéd, but being able to trace my family to before the Civil War and know this was the chosen profession of my ancestors makes it more impressive. Real estate is in my blood.

I have discovered that as far back as my great-great grandfather, Willoughby Tillis, he appears to have set the pattern for trading land in the mid-1800s. His daughter, my great-grandmother, Callie Tillis Jordan, followed in the family tradition. Then my grandfather, Walter Dallas Jordan, opened a real estate company and was joined by my mother, Virginia Jordan Henry. This is an intriguing story and you can read more details in this blog post.

After raising five daughters, the decades-dormant real estate gene in me came full force to the forefront. My husband and I began buying and selling Victorian homes in Downtown Colorado Springs. We searched high and low for a Realtor who would understand our excitement for older homes and who would help us achieve our goals.

When we couldn’t find one, it was a natural progression for me to want to do what generations before me had done, and I couldn’t help but wonder why I hadn’t been doing it all along. Real estate was a tradition and a passion.

Because buying and selling homes is often a stressful and intimidating process, my desire was to be the kind of Realtor we had looked for before I became one. Someone who cared about the people involved and not just the commission; someone who endeavored to listen to a Client’s requirements and to make every transaction as enjoyable as possible while still representing them with honesty and integrity.

If the testimonials of people with whom I work are to be believed, I have achieved that goal. I strive to keep ahead with the most up-to-date information and technology available, and continue my Realtor education at every opportunity so I can stay current with laws, trends, and cutting-edge ideas. I love what I do and take pride in doing it well.

My greatest gift is the genuine concern I have for my Clients. I am sincerely interested in the lives and situations that are impacted when selling a home, buying a home, qualifying for a loan, keeping the house in ‘show’ condition, and the repercussions that moving has on people’s lives. I am sympathetic to how it impacts jobs and children and marriages, and try to make it as smooth and enjoyable a process as possible.

We have detailed systems in place to make sure that, as much as is in our control, each transaction runs smoothly. We have the knowledge and experience to tackle almost any situation that might arise, and enough enthusiasm to build long-lasting relationships based on trust and a genuine concern for our Clients. We have a reputable network of professional service providers with whom we work and refer to ensure transactions run efficiently. We are proud that so many of our Buyers and Sellers come to us as referrals from satisfied Clients.

Two of my five daughters are licensed Realtors in Colorado, carrying on the family tradition and making them sixth-generation agents in real estate. (And my youngest daughter was named ‘Callie’ after her great-great grandmother.)

My spare time usually involves daughters and grandchildren, and photographing this beautiful Colorado Springs area we call home. I am also a best-selling author and am getting ready to publish my ninth novel.

For five years in a row, I was voted one of Colorado Springs Best Realtors. If you are looking for an Agent who knows the business, I would be honored to talk with you about your specific needs and goals. I specialize in residential home sales in the Colorado Springs region for both Buyers and Sellers, as well as military relocationselling rental properties for out-of-state owners, and vintage homes.

I have achieved many certifications that have enhanced my expertise in being your real estate advocate. You can read about these in more detail here.

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