After Buyer Agency Signed

Much goes into a computer search for properties that might fit your needs. I will preview homes electronically and physically and share them with you, contact my Realtor network, prepare showings, define and narrow list for what we will see, map route for viewing houses until we find something about which you are excited.

  1. Two copies of all documents – original to office, copies to Mimi and Buyer
  2. Do another computer search and narrow or expand the field of possible homes
  3. Prepare showing inventory
  4. Preview homes by phone and physically, if necessary
  5. Call Realtor network to discuss our Buyer’s needs and new listings
  6. Present Buyer 101 handbook to explain process and take notes of homes we are viewing
  7. Can see 1 or 100 homes – my job really starts after we find the home they like
  8. Check MLS for Matching Sellers
  9. Input Buyer into Outlook
  10. Contact unrepresented Sellers
  11. Map out location so that showings are systematic – allow plenty of time

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