After Contract Signed by all Parties

Make sure all Contracts and disclosures signed properly. Deliver Earnest Money and Contract to Title Company, order Title Commitment. Order payoff from mortgage company, meet all deadlines, coordinate inspections and appraisal, explain moving and closing issues with Seller.

  1. Order Title work
  2. Make copy of Earnest money and Contract
  3. Deliver check and Contract to Title Company
  4. Notate dates on calendar
  5. Send date sheet to Seller
  6. Do necessary paperwork for unusual conditions
  7. If Seller and Buyer both our clients, do Change of Status Notice
  8. Copies of leases and damage deposit receipts, if applicable
  9. Order payoff
  10. Seller’s Property Disclosure Deadline
  11. Inspection Objection Deadline
  12. Resolution Deadline
  13. Property Insurance Objection Deadline
  14. Change status on MLS and print to verify
  15. Review all paperwork for signatures
  16. Get all necessary signatures
  17. If mail-out, get instructions and addresses
  18. Notify Title Company of Mail out
  19. If POA needed, get original from Title Company
  20. Get POA signed and notarized
  21. “Under Contract” info letter to Seller
  22. Signed copies of Contract to Seller
  23. Remind Seller to notify Utility Company to stop service and do a “final read”
  24. Discuss with Seller advantages/disadvantages to continued showings
  25. Discuss what happens if other offers come in between Contract and Closing
  26. Change showing instructions in Homefeedback
  27. Referral agent needed for Sellers new location?
  28. Resolve any Title Disputes
  29. Resolve any Off Record Matters
  30. Deliver unrecorded property information to Buyer
  31. Have Seller notify Utilities, phone, cable, etc.
  32. Mail “The Moving Guide” with Change-of-address forms to Seller
  33. Set up closing time
  34. Call Buyer’s Agent and coordinate closing time
  35. Verify closing date and time and make all parties aware
  36. Mail time-verification of closing and directions to Seller
  37. Assist in solving any Title problems (boundary disputes, easements, etc.)
  38. Assist in obtaining Death Certificates, if applicable
  39. Cleaning needs (e.g. carpet, kitchen, etc.) upon move-out
  40. Discuss mover and time-frame for move-out with Seller

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