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Why Mimi Foster is the Best Old North End Colorado Springs Realtor

For over a decade, my husband Dave and I restored more than a dozen Victorian homes in Downtown Colorado Springs. Most of them were Colorado College rentals that oblivious students who did not understand the treasures they were destroying had used and abused.

 drinking and smoking college kidsWe started on our own block. Night after night they disturbed us with street parties that lasted well into the wee hours of the morning. There were two college rentals across the street from each other a few doors down. One was the keg house, the other the pot house.

Back and forth the lines continually flowed – school nights and weekends alike. No amount of politely asking for consideration or resorting to calling the police would quiet the music and loud voices at all hours.

So we bought the houses. (The same man owned them and gave us a screaming deal. It thrilled him to get rid of them.) We waited until the school year finished and began the challenging yet satisfying task of restoring these painted ladies in the Old North End to their former glory. 

Why Experience Makes the Difference

Some of my happiest memories are the times we would take a home that my daughters wouldn’t even enter and make it a breath-taking object of beauty. We lovingly restored long forgotten details, and over time our girls were so fascinated they wanted to be part of the discoveries.

downtown colorado springs realtor removes walls and finds doorsDave and I did most of the work because there’s not much he can’t do. He spent years teaching and guiding me in how to hang sheetrock, fix plumbing, run electrical, do painting – you name it, we did it. Subsequently, not only did I learn untold lessons about downtown Victorian homes, I also learned the inner workings of a house. I learned what was acceptable and safe and what was not worth tackling.

We tore out walls and found doors in perfect condition that had not seen the light of day for decades. We fixed plumbing and found newspapers from the late 1800s that were serving their purpose as insulation. I became a Downtown Colorado Springs Realtor during this time so I could have a foot in the door when older, run down homes were coming on the market.

Behind boarded over walls we found untold treasures that were hidden long before we were alive. In addition to knowing the inner workings of many Old North End Colorado Springs Victorians, I am also a fifth generation Realtor. I grew up tagging along with my mother and grandfather working in a profession I would grow to love. It’s in the blood and is my passion.

doors off a long victorian hallway

If you’d like to know what your Downtown Colorado Springs Victorian home is worth, call, text, or write. I’ll gladly discuss the details with you. 

By Mimi Foster

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Mimi has received the honor of being voted one of Colorado Springs' Best Realtors five years in a row. With over two decades of experience, she is committed to making the home buying/selling process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Read Full Bio…

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