Bullet Journal Rocked My World

Bullet Journaling Made Me More Productive 

If you’re anything like me, you take notes on any blank piece of paper/napkin/receipt that’s readily available so you can find it at some future date and act upon the important information contained thereon. Only problem is, that piece of paper either winds up scattered on your desk with the dozens of other papers that contain information you need to remember, or it gets lost and discarded because you didn’t turn that envelope over to see the important note scribbled there before you put it in the garbage. 

We live in an age of electronics. Many of us have smart phones, iPads, laptops – a myriad of gadgets to help us keep track of appointments, information, people we want to contact, dates we need to remember, notes we want to reference at a later time. With the push of a button, it’s all there at your fingertips. Only trouble for me is, I either forget to push the button, don’t remember which button it is I need to push, or I’m too busy to remember that there’s a button that needs pushing.

For years I’ve looked for the perfect system – one I’d remember to look at, one that was easy to use, a single system that works for everything, something that would help me keep my desk clean – you know, a miracle.

Bullet JournalingEnter BULLET JOURNALING. The first time I saw this video, I was surprised with how so many people could be singing the praises of a Bullet Journal when my first thought was how complicated it looked, but it’s far from it. I watched the video from beginning to end (it’s really short), read all of the bullet points, and some long-forgotten nerve deep inside me started to flutter with excitement that this might just work. In an age of electronics, I still love the thought of pen and paper. Ryder Carroll, the creator of the Bullet Journal system, explains it this way: It’s an analog system for the digital age that will help you organize the present, record the past, and plan for the future.

Without being overly dramatic, my bullet journal has rocked my world. I’ve accomplished more in the last two months since I started using the system than I have in the last two years. My productivity has soared, my business has grown, and I’m much more on top of things because I don’t forget anything. To say nothing of the fact that my desk stays clean. 

So check out the video and let me know what you think. I’ve made a few adaptations to make it work best for me, but I don’t go anywhere without it, and it’s SO SIMPLE! And be sure to check out their website at BulletJournal.com to see the details of the system.

By Mimi Foster

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7 thoughts on “Bullet Journal Rocked My World”

    • I have NEVER found a system that works – until now. I’m like a walking advertisement. It has completely changed my life. When I first started, I was sure it was just another good idea that wouldn’t work, so I started in a notebook of graph paper. When I realized that my desk was actually staying clean, that I was accomplishing more than I had in a long time, and that there is a silly satisfaction in checking off the boxes, I went to a Leuchttrum1917. I got two, one with the dots, the other with graph. I like the one with the graph better, but they both are fantastic. Then I went on the hunt for a perfect pen :). Please let me know if you start it and how you like it. I’ll cheer you on.

  1. Hi, we’recommend nearly neigbors! I recently discovered the bullet journal and am gearing up. I’ve watched countless videos from bloggers to see how different people use it, but I was searching for a fellow Realtor. Can you offer any tips for our professional to me? Thanks KS in advance!

    • Are you on Instagram, Teri? My bullet journal page is FosterBuJoLove. Most of my pages are there – with photos 🙂 I couldn’t survive without it. But the VERY BEST THING is that my desk is finally clean!!!! No little pieces of paper with important information that I need to find, no paperwork that I want to refer back to one day. It’s all in my BuJo, and I’m so glad I finally discovered it.

      Definitely follow the official BulletJournal.com page. I’d also follow @TinyRayofSunshine, @boho.berry, @decadethirty, and many others. Check those out and then let me know how I can help.

  2. I am a bullet journaling Realtor as well and wanted to find other Realtors using this system. I can’t believe how life changing it is and I’m with the you in that I’m a walking advertisement! I’ll be following your Instagram account for ideas!! Thank you for posting this!

    • Hi! I am also a Rental Agent! How are you guys using your BuJo, are you still using them? I sometimes get soooo busy I just dont have the time to do layouts etc, then I fall off the wheels LOL. Do you know of any Real Estate BuJO layouts? Would love you see how people keep track of leads, deals, etc


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