Buyer’s Remorse? I’ll sell it for FREE

Buyer’s Remorse?  I’ll Sell it for FREE

Did you purchase your home within the last year thinking that you were going to live in it forever?  Did you love the thought of the peaceful evening breeze, only to find out that the breeze was replaced by the sound of the midnight train?

Did you get a new job?  Does the neighbor have a dog that barks at all hours of the day and you just want out?  Is the commute to work just too long each day?  Has your personal situation changed?  Is it just not big enough for your family?

No matter which Realtor you purchased your home through, and no matter what the reason, I will sell your personal residence for free* within the first year of ownership.  Call today.

*Owner occupied; within one year; no matter which Realtor you purchased through; for any reason; purchase new home through me; need to pay Buyer’s Agent on the sale of your home.

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