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Caretakers of America is not only an incredible asset to a Realtor with a vacant listing, they are also the answer to a Seller’s prayer when the Seller is trying to sell a vacant home. Because of the inherent issues of a vacant property, having Caretakers of America occupy and “stage” the home, it is a wise (and FREE) alternative.  Some obvious drawbacks to a vacant property:

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  • You have an obviously vacant property, therefore
  • It is a magnet for vandals
  • Your insurance will go up
  • You have to keep the lawn watered and mowed OR
  • You have to shovel sidewalks
  • If the pipes freeze, you have no way of knowing if you are not there to check on it regularly
  • You have to pay the utility bill$
  • You absolutely don’t want the hassle of a temporary tenant because:
  1. You have to find them
  2. You have to screen them
  3. You have to negotiate about showing the property at ALL times
  4. They have to keep the property clean
  5. You have to collect rents
  6. You have to get rid of them if the property sells
  7. You have to repair any damage that the tenant may have done

Caretakers of America is a PERFECT solution in a situation like this.  You don’t have to do anything but sign the agreement with Caretakers of America, and then sit back and let them do the rest of the work.  Here are just a FEW of the benefits of bringing in Caretakers of America:

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  • It is completely FREE to the Seller and Agent
  • They have clients who have been well screened, including screening their furniture
  • Caretakers of America does a complete “inventory condition” of your property
  • They have a serious amount of insurance to cover any manner of eventuality
  • The Caretaker is responsible for all utilities
  • They will pay up to $100 of your Homeowner Association dues
  • The selected Caretaker moves in to your property and “stages” it for sale
  • They live on the premises and keep it clean at all times
  • It is NOT a Landlord/Tenant relationship
  • They are responsible to Caretakers of America as sub-contractors, you are not responsible for them at all
  • It has to be ready for showings to prospective Buyers at all times
  • They will water and mow the lawn in the appropriate season
  • They will shovel the drives and sidewalks in season so it is ready for showings
  • Caretakers of America will inspect your property on a regular basis to make sure it is being well taken care of
  • When your property goes Under Contract, they will be out before Date of Closing
  • They must be ready to move within ten days
  • Your property will be left in as good or better condition than it was when the Caretaker moved in
  • Well-staged properties always show better than vacant properties
  • Caretaker properties sell faster and for more money than vacant properties

As a long-time Realtor who has used them for many years, I can’t imagine not having Caretakers of America in any vacant listing.  I HIGHLY recommend them to other Realtors and Sellers with vacant property.

By Mimi Foster

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