5 Things Sellers Need to Know in this Changing Colorado Springs Market

Selling Your Home in a Changing Market

The Colorado Springs Real Estate Market is Changing In the spring of 2017, the real estate market in Colorado Springs took off and stayed steady until late summer of 2018. While the market is still solid, it’s not as aggressive as it was previously and Sellers who want to sell need to be prepared that … Read more

Nosy Neighbors Tell Secrets When You Sell Your Home

Nosey Neighbor

DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE, DISCLOSE You’re putting your house on the market and filling out the Seller’s Property Disclosure that will be given to prospective Buyers. Which items are important for you to disclose? You had a plumbing leak fixed last year so you don’t need to disclose that, right? You have an old electric box that … Read more

10 Commandments Sellers Need to Follow

ten commandments

Rules to Follow When Your House is on the Market Thou shall not turn down a showing. You usually only get one chance for prospective Buyers to see your home. Take them at every available opportunity. Thou shall not let anyone in who knocks on your door. People will often see a real estate sign and … Read more

42 Timely Tips from a Realtor to Make your Move Easier

Timely Tips from a Realtor to Make your Move Easier Having moved recently, and helping many clients during the moving process over the years, I’ve gathered some useful ideas that might help make your move easier when the time comes: Have a sense of urgency – it will take more time than you think Declutter Declutter … Read more

10 Things Your Realtor Can’t Tell You

10 Things your Realtor Can't tell you

Over the past few decades of selling real estate, people often ask questions I can’t answer, either because of laws preventing disclosure, or because so many of the questions are subjective and change from person to person or situation to situation. Here are some common questions your Realtor can’t tell you: Is it a safe … Read more