What is a contingency offer?


What is a contingency offer and should we accept it? A contingency is an offer or a contract that is dependent on the Buyer being able to sell a property they currently own before they can consummate the purchase of a new home. Whether you’re on the Buyer side or the Seller side, there are serious … Read more

Price your Colorado Springs Home for Sale Properly

Price your home for sale properly

Don’t be Seduced by the Price Wizard’s Sorcery Mr. Seller has lived in his home for many years and has accumulated a fair amount of equity. Even though property values in his neighborhood haven’t appreciated much recently, Mr. Seller’s mortgage balance has gone down, and he’s made several improvements that make his home more valuable … Read more

Bankruptcy vs. Foreclosure – Protect Yourself

Bankruptcy vs Foreclosure

BANKRUPTCY VS. FORECLOSURE – PROTECT YOURSELF When we are unable to crawl out from unfortunate life circumstances, sometimes the only option is Bankruptcy (BK). Several of my client’s fell on hard times and chose this option. But a strangely diabolical phenomenon is happening, and you need to make sure you have your bases covered if … Read more