10 Things Your Realtor Can’t Tell You

10 Things your Realtor Can't tell you

Over the past few decades of selling real estate, people often ask questions I can’t answer, either because of laws preventing disclosure, or because so many of the questions are subjective and change from person to person or situation to situation. Here are some common questions your Realtor can’t tell you: Is it a safe … Read more

Using a Lockbox on your home for Sale in Colorado Springs

New lockbox from SentriLock

Benefits of using a professional lockbox on your Colorado Springs Home for Sale Colorado Springs Real Estate has a new benefit to Sellers. SentriLock lockboxes were recently introduced to our Realtor community, and there are some exciting changes that are worth mentioning. Bluetooth compatible makes them accessible with Smartphones or iPads Each box is assigned to … Read more

Why Use a REALTOR to Sell Your Home?

what a realtor does to help you sell your house

Why use a Real Estate Agent to Sell Your Home? There is often a lack of understanding of what REALTORS® do to facilitate a sale because so many of the services we provide to our Clients are performed behind the scenes. Too often Sellers think that with the advent of the internet and declining home prices, that … Read more

What is a contingency offer?


What is a contingency offer and should we accept it? A contingency is an offer or a contract that is dependent on the Buyer being able to sell a property they currently own before they can consummate the purchase of a new home. Whether you’re on the Buyer side or the Seller side, there are serious … Read more

Price your Colorado Springs Home for Sale Properly

The Price Wizard

Don’t be Seduced by the Price Wizard’s Sorcery Mr. Seller has lived in his home for many years and has accumulated a fair amount of equity. Even though property values in his neighborhood haven’t appreciated much recently, Mr. Seller’s mortgage balance has gone down, and he’s made several improvements that make his home more valuable … Read more