Closing Preparation and Duties

Schedule a walk-thru with all parties. Confirm that all dates are being met, confirm if mail-out, POAs or other documents needed. Review closing documents and verify that all figures are correct. Deal with all last-minutes crises, make sure Seller brings keys, ID and GDOs.

  1. Schedule walk through with Buyer, Buyer’s Agent, Seller, Vineyard Properties
  2. Verify with Seller how proceeds of sale being received
  3. If mail-out, verify correct mailing address
  4. Confirm mail-out with Closer
  5. Title Deadline
  6. Title Objection Deadline
  7. Survey Deadline
  8. Survey Objection Deadline
  9. Document Request Deadline
  10. CIC Documents Objection Deadline
  11. Off-Record Matters Deadline
  12. Off-Record Matters Objection Deadline
  13. Right of First Refusal Deadline
  14. Property Insurance Objection Deadline
  15. Coordinate Possession Date and Possession Time
  16. Prepare disbursement authorizations
  17. Notify Title Company of any Amend/Extends or date/money changes
  18. Last minute bills and receipts faxed to Closer including HOW, if applicable
  19. Make sure Closer has all addenda, correct price, rents, or applicable credits
  20. Discuss closing figures with Closer
  21. Check final figures for accuracy
  22. Call Seller and discuss final figures
  23. Remind Seller to bring picture ID, keys, door openers, receipts, etc.
  24. If not receiving proceeds at closing, discuss Seller’s need for Cashier’s Check
  25. Deal with all last-minute crises
  26. Check file for any unsigned documents
  27. Coordinate this closing with Seller’s next purchase and resolve timing issues
  28. Have a “no surprise” closing so that Seller receives proceeds at closing

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