Do You Trust Your Gut?

Trust Your Instincts

When do you trust what you know? When you think something’s wrong, do you trust your gut or do you question yourself for a few minutes? Do you think maybe you could be mistaken or do you know what you know?

The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (the ones we affectionately call The Mounties) spend an extensive amount of time training to identify counterfeit money. They learn the texture of an authentic bill, its weight, the security features, and the various looks. They know the watermark, the metallic stripe, the exact size of the security thread, its color changes. They know where the ink is raised, the see-through puzzle number, and where it’s fluorescent.

But they never spend time with counterfeits. They have no need to study the substitutes, the phonies, the bogus bills, the forgeries, the frauds. They are so immersed in what is genuine that they immediately recognize every substandard bill that passes through their hands . . . because they know the truth.

Your Gut Knows the Truth

Do you trust your gutThere is a celebrated book called blink by Malcolm Gladwell. One of the resounding points he makes is that what you believe in the first two seconds of an encounter is generally what months of research will prove . . . because your gut knows the truth.

It’s not about the hype, the pretty packaging, the searching through the imitations to find out whether or not something is real. Stop searching through what’s fake to find the truth. How many times have we entered into business deals with doubts, only to wish later we had trusted our instincts?

How many relationships have we had to extricate ourselves from when we knew from the beginning they were not right, even when we desperately wanted them to be? Whether it’s in your business or in your personal life, trust your gut.

You don’t need to study a forgery to be able to recognize one because somewhere in the recesses of your mind, you know what’s legitimate. Your gut knows the truth. Listen to it and learn to trust it.

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By Mimi Foster

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