Do you want to be friends with your Realtor?

handshakeIf you know me, you know that I am a pretty friendly person.  I rarely meet a stranger, and my compassionate nature is such that I want to help, solve problems, guide, and generally make people’s lives better and easier.

For decades, I have done just that for my Clients . . . helped, solved, guided.  More often than not, I have become friends with the people with whom I work.  But recently I have come to realize that being friends is not a necessary component to a smooth real estate transaction.

Clients hire me for my expertise.  Clients are looking for a professional, a negotiator, someone who is familiar with the market and capable of making things happen.  Someone who is well-respected and trustworthy, with whom they can get along, and someone that they know has their best interests at the center of a transaction.

You don’t necessarily want to be friends with your Realtor, but you want a Realtor that you could be friends with.  Someone whose personality meshes with yours, and someone with whom you can spend a considerable amount of intense time with few abrasions on either side.

If we become friends, that is a bonus.  But most people already have a circle of friends and are not looking for more in their professional encounters.  I want you to hire me because you know, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that I will do a good job for you because I am an expert.

How do you know that?  One way of having that assurance is through the testimonials given by past Clients with whom I have worked.  Another is through the reputation that I have built over the years.  And my favorite in most arenas is ~ trust your gut.

If your future requires the expertise of a long-time real estate consultant, give me a call.  I have an excellent team of professionals with whom I work and whose expertise will also be at your disposal.  You have my promise that I will work diligently to make the process and the transaction as smooth and as fun as possible.