Dogs and Bong Water Don’t Mix

Showing  a tenant-occupied home to one of my Buyers, we wondered how someone could live and move around in such a furniture-cluttered home.  As we walked sideways through the living room, we noticed a bong full of water on one of the coffee tables.

Opening a bedroom door, a ferocious-looking dog did a single-bound leap from his resting position on the bed straight toward me. (To this day, I don’t know whether that dog was 5 pounds or 50.) As I tried to protect my Client from this ‘beast’ and get the door closed before he reached me, I fell back over the coffee table as my foot caught in the door. The bong went straight up in the air, and I was nimble enough to catch it before it could reconnect with table or floor. As I landed on my back on the table with the bong in my hands, I was proud that not a drop of water had spilled anywhere.  I, however, had a hard time walking for several days.

By Mimi Foster

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