Finding your happy place

Finding your happy place

When my girls were teenagers, there was a whole lot of estrogen flowing under one roof. While there were certainly times of stress, there was a whole lot of joy when six irreverent females with wicked senses of humor congregated. When something was said that was funny but not necessarily socially acceptable, the girls would often joke by closing their eyes, tapping their forehead with their middle finger, and finding their ‘happy place.’

As much as we would sometimes like to hold back the clock, it is shocking to me that I am going to be 59 this Saturday. Life has taken some twists and turns since those long-ago teenage years, but sometimes I smile and close my eyes and think of my personal ‘happy place.’ And the more that I have been thinking about this process of aging (I know, I know, we all have to do it), the more I realize that I am living in a very happy place, and a happy time in my life ~ no matter what my circumstances are.

And recently, reflecting on how blessed I am, I saw a quote that rocked my world and was a paradigm shift for me. What if you woke up today with only the things you thanked God for yesterday? I think about it often. When I look around now, I thank God for what I have, and let go of the things that I don’t have.

So I would encourage you to open your eyes to what’s around you. Find your personal ‘happy place.’ Think about the things that you don’t want to live without, and give peaceful thanks. These are a few of the glorious things that I’m thankful for . . .


By Mimi Foster

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