FSBO: The famous curb appeal

FSBO: The famous curb appeal

As a Colorado Springs Realtor with almost two decades of experience buying and selling property and representing Clients, I am sensitive to the desire of some people to try to sell their home without the assistance of a licensed real estate professional as an Unrepresented Seller, also known as a FSBO.

In a spirit of helping, I have assembled a booklet to assist the Unrepresented Seller in not only getting their property ready for sale, but also to point out some issues that they may not have considered prior to putting their house on the market as a FSBO.  This is another part of a continuing series geared toward the Unrepresented Seller.

As someone who specializes in selling real estate in your area, I would like to offer a few hints to show your home in its best light.  You only get one chance to make a good first impression, and when selling a home, first impressions definitely count!  Follow these tips and create a competitive edge that may help you sell your home more quickly:

The “famous” Curb Appeal

  • Trim trees and shrubs
  • Clean out flower beds
  • Invest in a few flats of seasonal flowers
  • Paint the front door
  • Make sure the doorbell is working properly
  • Wash the mailbox
  • Keep the porch swept
  • Get an attractive mat for people to wipe their feet
  • Wash the windows inside and out
  • Scrape and touch up any peeling paint
  • Use soap to lubricate sticking windows, doors, and drawers

These are just a few suggestions for the outside of your home.  How you market your home is completely different than how you live in your home.  To create an atmosphere that will charm Buyers and make them want to buy YOUR home, the following tips will help you with your home’s interior: