FSBO: Things that don’t affect value

FSBO: Thing$ that don’t affect value

In the genuine desire to help people who have decided that they can ‘go it alone’ in the quest to get their home sold, here is another installment in my Unrepresented Seller series (also known as a FSBO) of information that I have gathered over the years.  The goal is to not only help a homeowner get their house ready to market, but to also let them know that the road ahead may not be an easy one.


Your personal attachment to the property

The cost to re-build it today

Your original investment

Your investment in certain types of improvements

What your neighbor says it’s worth

What you want to charge for it

Your need for a certain amount of cash

(that has NOTHING to do with VALUE,

no matter how important or noble the reasons)


Owners tend to see their home through emotionally prejudiced eyes,

at times preventing an honest, objective evaluation of their property.

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