How to paint a straight line on a textured wall

How to paint a straight line on a textured wall

One of the best ways to give new life to a room is by adding a splash of color. Sometimes just painting an accent wall can transform the whole feeling of the area.  It might also be fun to paint some stripes on a wall. But if your painted edges are crooked and messy, that is what generally will catch people’s eye, and it would probably be better not to have painted at all.

Walls with texture can make for some ugly paint lines, but there is an easy method to get them straight. You will need blue painter’s tape, a paint brush (not too large), a tiny amount of the original color of paint that will not be changing (Color A), and the new color of paint (Color B). A drop cloth might also be helpful.

  • If you are painting a corner, run your painter’s tape on the side/edge that will remain the original color.  Make the tape as straight as possible.
  • Take the original color of paint (Color A) and paint down the entire corner seam, sealing the tape to the wall all the way down. You will be applying paint to the tape AND the edge of the wall that will become a new color.
  • If you don’t have the original paint color, you may use a thin line of clear caulk
  • Allow to dry ~ anywhere from 10 minutes to an hour, or however long it takes for the paint to no longer be tacky
  • Take the new paint color (Color B) and paint over the line that you painted previously, again sealing the edge of the tape and painting the new color onto the wall that is changing.
  • You may now finish painting the wall that is changing color, but here is an important step
  • Do not leave the tape on the wall for too long. You want to allow enough time for the paint to dry, but not enough time for it to completely harden. I usually take it off within an hour.
  • There may still be wet paint on the tape, so be sure when you are pulling it straight out from the wall that it doesn’t touch other surfaces.

Several people have also told me that a bead of clear caulk can be run down the seam. I have not tried it, but it sounds like a good alternative if you don’t have the original paint color.

Painting a straight line on a textured wall is an easy task to master, and this is a project that can be done in a short period of time. It can make an amazing transformation to your room. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have questions.

By Mimi Foster

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