I Don’t Want to Sell My Home

Recently I got a lot of comments on a post about homeowners following prospective Buyers around to make sure people saw all the updates that had been made in their home. The overwhelming conclusion was that people are emotionally attached to their homes and want to make others attached as well (even though that won’t happen with the Sellers following them around).

That brought to mind a closing I had about a decade ago. I represented a first-time home buying couple, and Mr. and Mrs. Seller had owned their home for 32 years and raised their four children there. In Colorado on the day of closing, the house belongs to the Buyer and keys and possession are turned over to the Buyer at the closing table.

As I arrived in the closing room with my Clients, there was a noise that made us turn to find Mrs. Seller curled in a fetal position in the corner of the closing room. I made eye contact with her husband, and he informed us that his wife was upset to have to sell the house they had raised their children in. As the wails grew louder, I knew she would not be in any condition to sign the paperwork soon.

After checking with my Clients and the Closer, we planned to come back at a later time that day to sign the paperwork to give Mrs. Seller a chance to regain some control. When we arrived, we were told that they had already signed and had left so she didn’t have to look at the people who “were taking her home away from her.”

Obviously this poor lady had more issues than what I would have been able to deal with, but the fact is, people can become very attached to their houses. It is such an emotional involvement for so many, and you have no idea how people will react.

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By Mimi Foster

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