I Lost out on a Listing

I am a pretty friendly person.  Most people like me.  I read people well, and adapt well to most situations.  So it was with great surprise that from the moment I walked into this listing appointment that I couldn’t warm up to these prospective Sellers, nor obviously they to me.

The sprinklers were going when I arrived, and I ran up the sidewalk to avoid the spray.  A completely updated Arts and Crafts home, from the moment you walk in the oak floors glistened in the main room, and from there the new white carpet was perfectly manicured.  As I normally do when I walk into pristine homes (and have just come thru a sprinkler), I took my shoes off at the door so that my heels didn’t mar the beautiful oak, and followed the homeowner from room to room in my stockinged feet.  After we had had a tour of the house, and I continued to try to figure out how to read this strange couple, we sat at the dining room table as I gave them my very professional listing presentation (they seemed to be the type that didn’t want ‘homey,’ so I played it by the book).

Nothing could warm these cold people up, so I abruptly ended my presentation (I had no desire to work with someone like this), told them to call me if they had interest, and left.  The next day my curiosity got the better of me, and I called them to ask them what they had decided.  They told me that they had decided on someone else (duh), and, really wondering what in the world had happened, I said, very sweetly, “May I ask what it was that made you decide on someone else?”  Mrs. Seller very haughtily said, “We would never want someone like you to list our home.  YOU TOOK YOUR SHOES OFF WHEN YOU CAME IN THE DOOR!”  She then proceeded to tell me that she couldn’t even concentrate on my presentation because I was so rude as to sit at her dining room table in my stockinged feet!

So in retrospect we all could say, “it would have been polite for me to ask first.”  Of course it would have, but the fact of the matter is, if someone doesn’t like it that this Florida girl took off her shoes out of respect for the work they had done in their home, I assure you that I had no desire to list that home.  I take rejection personally, but this was one time that I thought, “Thank God!”

By Mimi Foster

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