It Takes Work to Have Luck

Recently I read a really nice post by Bill Archambault titled “Great Photographs and Real Estate / Not What You’re Expecting.” The gist of what I took away from the article was that it is not LUCK that gets us where we are, whether it’s in real estate or photography.  It is knowing your business and having the right tools and constantly being on the lookout for the right opportunities.  The bottom line on that is . . . you have to be WORKING at it to be LUCKY.

My Girls - Right Time, Right Place

As so often happens when you read a post, it reminds you of other things, sometimes seemingly unrelated.  This reminded me of something that I used to think of often when my daughters were younger.  People always say that they want quality time with their kids.  Of course we do.  But you don’t get the quality without the quantity.  You don’t say, “Okay, NOW we’re going to have a wonderful moment.”  The wonderful moments come in the midst of spending a lot of time with them.  The ‘aha’ moment comes when you realize you have just made a memory . . . it doesn’t just get created because “Now I’m ready,” it gets created because you have taken the time and invested in what is important.  This picture of my five wonderful daughters was just such a moment.  We couldn’t have gone out and created it, it was part of the whole, but it will forever be a memory.  (Is THIS train of thought from the original post what they call a non-sequitur?)

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  1. This post reminds me of a Persian saying “Himmat E Mardan Madade Khuda” which means “God helps those who show courage” lol, as you said “sometimes seemingly unrelated”

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