Listing Appointment

Meet with Seller to discuss market, pricing strategy, and options. Determine what financial needs and time needs are. Discuss whether or not we can work together to meet those needs. Prepare Net Proceeds for Seller. Discuss Staging of the property. If proceeding, fill out paperwork.

  1. Give Seller an overview of current market conditions and projections
  2. Discuss Comparative Market Analysis
  3. Discuss pricing strategy based on professional judgment and market
  4. Discuss goals with Seller to market effectively, including schedule for selling
  5. Explain role in taking calls to screen for qualified Buyers
  6. Discuss safety of lock box
  7. Discuss Agency
  8. Discuss Contract and all other disclosures
  9. Discuss availability of Home Owner’s Warranty
  10. Have Seller sign all paperwork
  11. Assist Seller with completion of Seller’s Property Disclosure form
  12. Discuss things that need to be done in home
  13. Staging Packet to Seller
  14. Get loan payoff information
  15. Show to Seller
  16. Have Seller choose preferred flyer template
  17. Get copies of leases, if applicable
  18. Ask for floor plan, upgrades, special features, detailed list of amenities

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