Using a Lockbox on your home for Sale in Colorado Springs

Benefits of using a professional lockbox on your Colorado Springs Home for Sale

Colorado Springs Real Estate has a new benefit to Sellers. SentriLock lockboxes were recently introduced to our Realtor community, and there are some exciting changes that are worth mentioning.

  • Bluetooth compatible makes them accessible with Smartphones or iPads
  • Each box is assigned to a house so showings can be tracked
  • We are notified (text or email) when the lockboxes are accessed
  • We can see who has been there and for how long

New lockbox from SentriLockYou will be notified prior to someone wanting to show your house and given a time-frame of when they will arrive. It’s important that you not be present for showings so prospective buyers can take their time, talk among themselves, and imagine it as their own home. So it’s important to discuss with your agent early in your association the best practices for making your home available. (In all of my years of doing this, I’ve never sold a home when the seller was present during the first showing.)

When you set up your listing with your Realtor, one of the items to discuss are the times your home will be available for showings. These boxes can be programmed so they aren’t accessible outside certain hours, giving you peace of mind and added security.

Occasionally a Seller will have some concern about having the key to their home hanging in a metal box on their door or somewhere else outside. These heavy-duty boxes are almost impenetrable, and the new security is such that only authorized agents will be able to electronically access them when a showing has been scheduled prior to their arrival.

Having a lockbox on your home makes it easier to sell. Just a few benefits are:

  • It’s convenient and simple for licensed agents to show your home
  • It gives buyers and their agents flexibility in scheduling showings
  • It allows more showings
  • Without it, either the listing agent or seller would have to be present, making it inconvenient
  • Since it is important that the seller be away from the home, the lockbox allows uncomplicated access

This is just another way our local Board of Realtors is making the home-selling process easier for the consumer. If you have any questions or are thinking of selling your Colorado Springs home now or sometime in the future, please don’t hesitate to contact me. No cost, no obligation, no pressure, just professional consultation.

By Mimi Foster

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