A few weeks ago I was reading a post on ActiveRain from someone who was talking about being a Matchmaker. I thought that was such a clever idea for marketing – until I read the article and realized that he was really talking about MATCHMAKING – as in male and female matchmaking.

But I keep thinking of that idea – that is what we do as Realtors – we are Matchmakers. We match Buyers with houses, we match Sellers with Buyers, we match Buyers with Lenders, Buyers with inspectors, we match Sellers with Title Companies – the list is endless. We are helping people match their heart’s desire and their dreams with real possibilities of what can be done. In my younger days I loved matchmaking my friends. But as an adult, the matchmaking I do now is so much more rewarding. To me the most important thing I do in my job is matching dreams with reality.

By Mimi Foster

About the Author

Mimi has received the honor of being voted Best Realtor in Colorado Springs in one of the top three positions for five years in a row. With over two decades of experience, she is committed to making the home buying/selling process as painless and fulfilling as possible. Read Full Bio…

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