A few weeks ago I was reading a post on ActiveRain from someone who was talking about being a Matchmaker.  I thought that was such a clever idea for marketing – until I read the article and realized that he was really talking about MATCHMAKING – as in male and female matchmaking.

But I keep thinking of that idea – that that is what we do as Realtors – we are Matchmakers.  We match Buyers with houses, we match Sellers with Buyers, we match Buyers with Lenders, Buyers with inspectors, we match Sellers with Title Companies – the list is endless.  We are helping people match their hearts desire and their dreams with real possibilities of what can be done.  In my younger days, I loved matchmaking my friends.  But as an adult, the matchmaking that I do now is so much more rewarding.  To me the most important thing that I do in my job is matching dreams with reality.