Meet with (You) the Buyer

Then we meet with you to discuss your wants and needs in a home, understand your projected time frame in purchasing, logistics if you have a home that needs to be sold, and understanding Buyer Agency and all of its benefits. Realtor services are almost always free to you, the Buyer.

  1. Discuss our Company policy on Agency
  2. Discuss wants and needs in a home, price range, time frame, how motivated?
  3. Discuss areas in which Buyer would like to look
  4. Does Buyer have a home that must sell prior to purchase?
  5. Explain that it does not cost Buyer anything to work with Realtor – Seller pays
  6. Not in Buyer’s best interest to work with multiple agents – need an ‘Advocate’
  7. Do computer research to find homes that meet Buyer parameters
  8. Set appointments to view several of these homes
  9. View homes and get a feeling for what does and doesn’t appeal to Buyer
  10. Will show houses one day, then must decide on Buyer Agency
  11. Sign Buyer Agency Agreement

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