Non-Negotiables When Selling a House

In my professional opinion, there are three non-negotiables when selling a house to get top dollar and to sell quickly. So many details go into a successful transaction, but these are three things a Seller should always do when selling a house if they want the most favorable outcome.

Clean and Decluttered

a dirty house is a non negotiable when selling

I can’t stress enough that, even though Buyers can sometimes find their way to see through clutter, rarely can they see through dirt. It could cost you as much as $20,000 if you put your house on the market when it’s dirty.

Put your collections away. Put away your dolls, your religious statues, your sports banners. Buyers have to be able to see themselves in your house, and they have to be able to see your house to do that. Don’t let them be sidetracked with life-sized statues and cluttered collections.

You’re going to be moving. Start packing. Stack boxes neatly in a garage or basement so you can make rooms as big as possible. And when you’re well on your way to packing, CLEAN CLEAN CLEAN. Make those freshly uncluttered surfaces sparkle. It is a non-negotiable when selling a house and will be well worth the effort.

Priced Right

I cannot stress enough how important it is to price it well when you list your home. Overpricing above fair market value is detrimental to a quick sale. For whatever reason, most people won’t offer on a house that’s overpriced. But if it’s priced well or just below market value in the current market, people will bid and you’ll make more than you would have if you’d tried to get more at the beginning.

And when you list over fair market value and don’t get offers, Buyers want to know what’s wrong with it that it hasn’t sold in a reasonable amount of time. Price it appropriately at the start and you’ll be moving to your next phase of life faster than if you overprice.

Don’t Be Home for Showings

being home is non negotiable when selling a house

Another non-negotiable that’s important when selling a home is – don’t be home for showings. In several decades of selling real estate, I’ve never sold a house when the Seller has been home when a Buyer sees it for the first time. I understand it’s tempting to want people to know about the work you’ve done, the special nooks and crannies, why you painted a particular wall peach, and why you wanted to put carpet over the hardwood floors. Buyers can find out about the low utility bills when they make an offer.

But don’t forget. People buy on emotion and justify with logic. The emotion generally kicks in at the front door – within the first ten seconds of entering your house. When you’re there, they don’t get to visualize themselves in what might become their house because they’re too concerned about intruding on your house. You need to emotionally detach so they can emotionally attach. I strongly urge you to get out.

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By Mimi Foster

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