Not all Realtors are Created Equal

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As a Realtor, Clients come to me in many different ways.  I have been in business long enough that most of my current Clients have come to me as referrals from past Clients.  The second leading way that I get new Clients is from my signs, which are distinctive and unique and draw a lot attention.

One of the things that I pride myself most on as a Realtor is my genuine concern for the welfare of my Clients.  This is not just a ‘deal’ for me because it is a major life experience for them.  I am totally sensitive to the fact that any major life change is a contributor to stress, and one of my primary goals is to help reduce, as much as possible, the stress associated with listing and showing and selling a home.  On the Buyer side, there is often so much stress associated with financial issues and record keeping, so I always try to make it as fun and carefree as possible when we are looking for homes and dealing with loan officers and inspectors and the myriad number of people that are involved in any real estate transaction.

So it is always shocking to me when I get a Client who has worked with another Realtor before coming to me, and the horror stories that I often hear about the inept handling of these Clients and their situation.  One example is a recent Buyer couple who had made an offer on a home with another Realtor and had gotten thru the inspection process.

After much discussion, the couple decided that the problems that were associated with the home that they were scheduled to purchase were not issues that they wanted to deal with after they moved in, and were too major so as to not even want to ask the Seller to fix them, and they decided, as a family, that they wanted to terminate the contract as a result of the Inspection.  Perfectly in their legal right to do so – it is the purpose of an Inspection, to find out the ‘inner workings’ of a property.

Hungry Kids

When they told their Realtor that they wanted to back out, he screamed at them that they would not be able to do that.  Puzzled, they asked him “Why?” and he informed them, “You can’t back out because you will be taking food out of my children’s mouths!”  I can’t even imagine how I would have reacted to anyone saying something like that to me, but after dealing with the emotional shock of such a statement, they not only backed out of that Purchase Agreement, they also fired their Realtor.

Needless to say, when they approached me a few weeks later, they were quite gun-shy, and it became a re-learning situation to get them comfortable in understanding that THEY were the ones in charge of the purchase of their new home, and I was the one that was there to help these first-time home buyers get the best house that their budget could afford – no pressure, no guilt, no judgment.

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