Peace Out, Man

Manitou Springs is a suburb of Colorado Springs that has its own personality.  The first thing that would come to mind if you mention Manitou is that it is an upscale artsy community, lots of people who are free thinkers, artists, lost-in-time-hippies, some just ‘regular’ people, and people who are looking for a slower lifestyle.

My husband and I met friends there this weekend, and we were strolling along the AVE.  As we passed a couple that had time-warped to the 60s, I heard someone say, “Mimi?! Mimi Foster!”  I turned and smiled (my kids would have called it my fake smile), not at all recognizing the couple standing in front of me.  “Hey, Mimi!  How ARE you?”  Still not showing any sign of recognition, he said, “It’s ME, CLARK!”

He could sense my confusion as I looked at the lady with him trying to get a sense of balance, of some kind of association.  “You remember Lisa?”  Clark and Lisa Hampton?  Excuse me?  Could it really be them?  There was NOTHING in them that I could recognize, and I must admit I continued a puzzled stare with my mouth hanging open.

Seems Clark and Lisa had gotten tired of the rat race of real estate.  They sold their Mercedes and their mansion on the hill and purchased a couple of ‘hippie’ stores in Manitou.  They had grown their hair long, were in clothes straight out of the 60s, and had on sandals that looked like they might have belonged to Jesus.  The couple with whom I had taken many advanced classes and who had achieved the pinnacle of success in a national real estate company had walked away from it all for the simpler life.

Over the next few days, I thought a lot about Clark and Lisa, and wondered if I envied them their new life.  I haven’t decided yet.  Does that sound appealing to you?

By Mimi Foster

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4 thoughts on “Peace Out, Man”

  1. Were they wearing patchouli oil? If so, then I have to say a resounding ‘no’! 🙂

    I love Manitou Springs and often think if I moved back home, I would be very happy in that area. I, of course, would plan to buy a Mercedes as soon as possible and find myself a mansion on a nice hill there.

  2. LOL this is quite scary. I think we all must have faced these questions:

    Am I doing what I really want to do?
    Is it really worth it doing all this?

    I have made compromises in my life and some times stood firm with my decisions. Overall I am happy with my life. I do not think there is a such thing as state of absolute hapinnes and even it does it will be momentarily.

    • You are always so wise, Ashesh. Just because we give up the trappings of wealth, it doesn’t mean that the issues of life disappear. Thank you for your insight.


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