Realtors Sell Houses

Recently during a listing presentation, the prospective Seller asked me who I would be marketing the property to if they should list with me.  After giving him the standard replies that so many of us use (internet, flyers, single address websites, etc.), I then said, “But my primary target of marketing will be to other Realtors.

Taken aback by that response, he asked why in the world I would possibly want to market to other Realtors.  I explained that most Buyers use the services of a Professional Real Estate Agent.  That it is local Realtors who, over 80% of the time, will have the Buyers that will be looking for properties like his.  That it is Realtors who are aware of what is available and what is new on the market, and often will be waiting for a property just like this.  And because the bottom line is, it is Realtors who sell houses.

Realtors Sell HousesDuring the course of my Real Estate career, I have found that my best marketing is done with my peers.  Whenever possible, I go out of my way to make my relationships with other Realtors as upbeat and friendly (but professional) as possible.  When I do Broker Open Houses, they are always well attended, and I make sure that I attend as many Broker Opens as possible to meet and greet other real estate professionals.  What we have to sell to each other, especially the longer we are in business, is our reputation – our ability to be professional in our transactions, cooperative during a deal, friendly during negotiations, and always adhering to our integrity.  I want them to WANT to show one of my listings because they know me and like me and would want to work with me.

Our community of licensed Realtors has shrunk considerably over the past few years.  It is wonderful to me to see the camaraderie that is inherent in doing business with trusted associates.  (And PS – yes, I did get the listing)

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