Realtors Who Need a Break

Have you ever met a Realtor who needed a break?

It was one of my first deals. We had finally gotten the transaction to the closing table, but I was a relatively new Realtor and didn’t yet have a lot of confidence in ‘taking control’ of the closing. I had considered closing in separate rooms because of the problems we’d had with the Buyers’ Agent from the beginning, but the Buyers and Sellers got along well and I decided nothing unmanageable would happen if we were all together.

Run, Cookie, Run!

As the Buyers and Sellers were signing their documents, the other Realtor picked up cookies, one by one, and flung them against the walls. Surprised, we watched them smash and make little piles on the floor below. We looked at him in amazement, not having any idea what he was doing. Finally he said, “Look, wasn’t it nice of them to provide us with Frisbees?” I had no idea how to proceed, but my very-experienced Closer said, “Martin, did you forget to take your meds this morning? Why don’t you get up and take a walk for a few minutes?”

We finished our closing while he was out of the room, and I learned a valuable lesson in understanding that Realtors come in all forms and guises.

By Mimi Foster

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