Rock Ledge Ranch Vintage Baseball

Rock Ledge Ranch Labor Day Vintage Baseball

For the past twelve years, Rock Ledge Ranch in Garden of the Gods has been the site for the annual Labor Day Vintage Baseball game between the hometown heroes, The Camp Creek Cloud Busters, and the opposing Colorado Territorial All-Stars out of Denver.  On the outer edges of Glen Eyrie Castle, the setting and the location are, in and of themselves, a step back in time.

The game is played in the tradition of 1880’s baseball where only the catcher has a glove, and all of the basemen and outfielders catch these hard-hit balls with their bare hands.  This year’s game was met with perfect weather in an idyllic setting, with lots of young children and adults alike enjoying the sights and sounds of yesteryear.

Ladies came in their Victorian finery.  Wyatt Earp officiated the opening and closing of the game with his six shooter, as well as the end of each inning.  Even the President showed up.  Something seemed a little skewed for President Lincoln to be at an 1880 baseball game, but it was fun and campy nonetheless.

Fans were called ‘cranks’ or ‘rooters.’  The umpire was called a ‘referee.’  Cranks had the ability to influence the referee’s calls in their team’s favor.  The pitcher was called a ‘hurler,’ and he, also, did not have the benefit of a glove.

A lady might have been invited by a gentleman to come and watch his prowess on the baseball diamond, or a group of ladies might join together to go and have a ‘look’ at the local men.

While yesterday’s game was definitely an enjoyable pastime, the hometown team was creamed (present day word) by their opposition by a score of 24 to 7. Definitely something that would be worthwhile to take the kids to next year.

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