Contract Negotiations

Thoroughly review and discuss all offers, review Buyer’s financial qualifications and details of offer, prepare Net Sheet for Seller with offered numbers, negotiate and renegotiate as many times as it takes, sign offer or counter.

  1. Receive and thoroughly review all offers submitted
  2. Pre-negotiate with other Agent before writing, if applicable
  3. Discuss Buyer’s financial qualifications, terms, and times
  4. Discuss exclusions, dates, etc. with other Agent
  5. Review Contract Addendum thoroughly
  6. Evaluate offer(s) and prepare a “Net Sheet” on each offer for Seller
  7. Discuss offer with Seller
  8. Negotiate the offer and options
  9. Get pre-qualification letter
  10. Sign offer or prepare Counterproposal, if necessary
  11. Prepare and convey any counteroffers, acceptances, or amendments
  12. Acceptance Deadline Time
  13. Renegotiate however many times necessary and finalize
  14. Make applicable copies
  15. Convey signed copies to other Agent

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