The Appraisal

Do current Market Analysis on property value. Coordinate and meet with Appraiser. Make sure appraisal done in timely manner. Options if appraisal is low. Any appraisal conditions? Coordinate fixing items, if noted. Schedule final inspection.

  1. Set up appraisal
  2. Coordinate time with Seller, Agents, Buyer, Appraiser
  3. Do current CMA for appraiser
  4. Meet appraiser with CMA
  5. If VA, make sure CRV ordered and completed
  6. Track Appraisal Deadline
  7. Verify appraisal completed and satisfactory
  8. If appraisal low, discuss options with Seller
  9. Discuss any conditions on appraisal with Seller
  10. Schedule final inspection on appraisal conditions, if applicable
  11. Verify all conditions met prior to closing

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