Sharing Business Ideas

Sharing Business Ideas

Every now and then you hear a great idea for getting your name out to the public.  Recently a Realtor friend posted on Facebook that she was holding an Open House that weekend, and gave the dates and times.

coffee and cookiesAlmost immediately a local Home Inspector wrote a comment and asked her how she liked her coffee and did she like donuts?  Seems he chooses five local Open Houses each weekend and takes the Realtors coffee and treats so that he can introduce himself to the Agents and get an opportunity to meet them face to face.  I thought it was ingenious.

One of the things that I do that gets some of the best reception from my Sellers is giving them fifty nice business cards that they can keep in their wallet and pass out to people they meet.  On one side it has a picture of their house, on the other it has the particulars about their house with MY contact information.  Often they will ask me for more, which I will gladly provide.

Along the same vein, I will have fifty postcards made for my Buyers ( with a picture of their new home on the front, and their new address announcing to their friends that they have moved on the back.

But I thought the coffee idea was great from the Home Inspector.  Is there anything that you are doing ‘outside of the box’ that is working well for you?  Care to share with the rest of us?  And if you are a consumer, is there anything that a Realtor has done for you that really stood out?

By Mimi Foster

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  1. Hi Mimi,

    I’m a Realtor in Northern Bergen County, NJ and I just wanted to tell you how much I enjoy your blogs. You are a true inspiration. Any advice you can give me would be much appreciated and very well received. Thanks and all the best to you for a happy holiday.

    Ana Moniz, ABR
    Keller Williams Village Square Realty
    Ridgewood, NJ 07450

    • Thank you SO MUCH, Ana! I truly appreciate your note! Since there is no end of advice I could give you :), probably better would be to tell you that if you have ANY questions at all about anything, you are welcome to ask. I love to share and help, so don’t hesitate.


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