Stressed Spelled Backwards

There are three things in my life that ‘push my buttons.’ 1) Someone hurting a loved one, 2) bullies, and 3) politics.  We know that our anger doesn’t hurt anyone but ourselves.  One of my favorite lines by Anonymous is :): “Holding on to anger and resentment is like swallowing poison and waiting for someone else to die.” I do not HOLD ON to anger (at least, I try not to). Mine are more like little fires that are quickly put out . . . except for maybe #1, hmm or #2, well, and maybe #3.  So I did a little research.

Do you have any idea what the body’s overwhelming reaction to constant stress is?  Here are just a few effects that it can have on your body:

Liver damage * Kidney damage * High cholesterol * Depression * Anxiety * Coronary artery disease * Three times the risk of heart attack * Early death * Cancer * Strokes * Sudden death * Decrease in bone density * Blood sugar imbalance * Suppress the body’s immune response * Chronic inflammation * Suppress thyroid function * Slows down the body’s metabolism * Impair the brain’s thinking ability *  Increase blood pressure * Heart attack *  Impedes circulation * Lack of oxygen can cause severe chest pains * Causes uneven signals from the brain to the heart * Bursting of a brain artery * Tension headaches * Migraines * Insomnia * Your metabolism is slowed *  Can trigger eating binges *  Weight gain * Acid reflux * Gastric ulcers * Can compromise lung function *  Memory impairment * Learning difficulties

To say NOTHING of the fact that it makes you a VERY unattractive person to be around!

Do you know what one of the best cures for stress is? 
L A U G H T E R !!!
Even the anticipation of laughter can release hormones that reduce the detrimental effects of stress.

In one study, even the thought of watching a funny movie immediately lowered the bad hormones that are produced with stress.  The good hormones that boost immunity were increased by 87% with just the promise of laughter. The Bible addresses it in Proverbs 17:22 as “A cheerful heart is good medicine.”

So we know that joy and laughter have beneficial effects on the brain and the body.  The next time we feel stress coming on, take a deep breath, smile, relax, think of something funny.  Your body will sure thank you for it, the people around you will thank you for it – and you’ll probably live a lot longer.

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