Tenant Excuses That Are Overused

Tenant Excuses I Don’t Want to Hear Again

Being a Realtor is sometimes challenging, but listing a home with renters can put a whole new spin on the process.

  • Just stop talkingWhy do I have to pay the last month’s rent if I’ve already moved out?
  • Why do I have to have the carpets cleaned if we never used those rooms?
  • I checked online and it says we don’t have to pay the last month’s rent if the owner is selling.
  • We left the house cleaner than when we found it.
  • That big hole in the wall was there when we moved in.
  • But your property manager told us we could have our four service dogs.
  • I never got a call back when I told you the water was leaking.
  • The St. Bernard is just visiting.
  • It’s my house and you can’t show it until I’m out.