Tenant from Hell Nightmare

Tenant Nightmares

I received a call this week from an out-of-state owner who has a rental property in the prestigious Broadmoor Bluffs area of Colorado Springs. She had evicted a tenant for non-payment and hadn’t had income against the property for months.

She was anxious to see if she could get it sold or if she should just let it go to foreclosure. There was a property manager who told the owner that after the eviction the tenant from hell went in to get a few more things. When she went back in, destruction like I have never witnessed then happened.

There is certainly culpability here, and I hope to obtain some justice for the home owner. Either through the courts because of the vandalism, the property manager because of her negligence, or the humane society because of the tragic situation with the cats.

The person who did this is a sick, vindictive individual. The owner, unfortunately, is the victim. She has been unable, so far, to get justice either through the judicial system or from the property manager.

Make sure you have reputable references before you hire a property manager. If you are hiring someone to protect your most valuable asset, it’s imperative you make sure you have someone who is trustworthy.

The following video shows the effects of a depraved mind. If you need real estate or property management answers, please reach out to me. I’ve been doing this for a long time.

There are no words to describe the destruction this one insane woman did.

By Mimi Foster

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4 thoughts on “Tenant from Hell Nightmare”

  1. I just stumbled across your video and I’m absolutely speechless!!! Curious to know what the final outcome was. Do you have an update you can share? Thank you!

    • Thank you for reaching out. And thank you for the reminder that I need to do the follow up video. The house was purchased by an investor who turned it into a thing of beauty and it has now been sold to a family. It is very unfortunate that, as of this date, neither the tenant, the property manager, nor the insurance company have been ‘brought to justice.’ I will make it a point to get a follow up done in the near future.


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