The Shiny Penny ~ Putting your home’s best foot forward when Selling

the shiny penny

When I first started in real estate, someone taught me the principle of The Shiny Penny. I have tried to make it my goal for every listing I take. Everyone lives in their home differently, and we understand the concept that how we live in our home is completely distinct from how we market our house.

In any given market, at any given point in time, there may be a dozen or more homes for sale in a particular price range. Of that number, there are usually three or four that stand out above the rest in cleanliness, upkeep, staging, and a general sense that the home has been well maintained. This has nothing to do with style, it is not focused on the number of bedrooms or baths. For the most part, it is outside the range of what the Buyer originally thought they wanted to purchase.

When a Buyer is serious and motivated, they will generally buy the best of the best that is available at that time in their price range, the cream of the crop . . . The Shiny Penny. When the time comes to sell your Colorado Springs home, make sure yours is The Shiny Penny.  If you would like help in understanding what that would look like in your particular situation, or if you would like access to available resources to help you in accomplishing that task, please do not hesitate to contact me.

By Mimi Foster

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Mimi has received the honor of being voted one of Colorado Springs' Best Realtors five years in a row. With over two decades of experience, she is committed to making the home buying/selling process as easy and enjoyable as possible. Read Full Bio…

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