Third time was NOT a charm ~ Dishonest Seller

Third time was NOT a charm

I have a certain confidence level in the “team” that I have assembled for my real estate transactions.  My lender, my closer, my assistant, my inspector . . . all people that I trust to do a good job for my clients and to make a transaction run as smoothly as possible on its way to a successful closing.  But some things you just can’t anticipate.

The day before a scheduled closing many years ago, my closer called to tell me that she wouldn’t be there the following day, but that I would be in the very capable hands of another closer with whom she had worked for years.

I met my Buyers there the next morning and we sat at the closing table going over figures.  They had sold their house and all of their worldly possessions were in the UHaul in the parking lot.  The closer came in and was lovely, and told me we were just waiting on the Seller and that it wouldn’t be too long.  A half an hour later she came back into the room, more ruffled than the time before, and told me that it was going to be a little while longer.

Since the docs were finalized and the funds were there, I knew it wasn’t a money issue.  After another half hour, with only so much chit-chat possible, I was pretty frustrated with the closer not appearing, and we were all pretty restless.   Excusing myself and going in search of the closer, there were several police officers talking to her in the lobby, with no Seller in sight.

Seems he had been trying to sell his home for the THIRD time that morning.  Thinking that if he used different title companies and timed the closings closely, he could take all of the money and get out of town in a hurry before anyone could find out what he had done.  What he hadn’t counted on was that the second title company was a sister title company to the one in which we were scheduled to close, and an alert came up on their system after one of the closings.

Obviously my clients did not purchase a home that morning, and every time I think about it, I wonder at all of the different ways that people can come up with to be dishonest.

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  1. Wow, what a crazy story, I wonder how much time he got serve for his little stunt. In today’s market it’s hard to imagine someone being able to sell their house one time let alone three times!

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