Tips for Selling Your Home

While Realtors can give you a detailed checklist for selling your home, there are things you need to know when selling a house that may not be part of a normally provided index. Here are some tips for selling your home that might have been overlooked.

An Emotional Experience

Having your house on the market is an emotional experience. It’s no cakewalk to keep your home in show-ready condition every day and allow strangers into your house, especially if you have children. The biggest encouragement I can give you is that in the current market, it doesn’t usually last long that you have to keep it neat as a pin. As soon as you are Under Contract, you can go back to a more normal lifestyle (as normal as moving can be) and make messes as you pack and get ready to take on your next adventure.

Does Marketing Matter?

tips for selling your home

Marketing absolutely does matter. But the fact is that if a Realtor has any kind of online presence, most of us have the same sources for marketing. There are, of course, differences, but what really sets Realtors apart is what happens after an offer is made. It’s the negotiating, and making sure the details of the transaction are met until the day of closing, sometimes even afterwards. There is no substitute for experience during a purchase or a sale. Don’t leave this very important undertaking to chance.

Don’t Ignore the First Offer

Another item to add to your tips for selling your home is that it’s a fact the first offer is often the best. Statistics say that 90% of first offers are the most motivated and highest offers. If you don’t like what is presented in the first offer, don’t discount it, negotiate it.

tips for selling your home

It Will Take Longer Than You Think

When we decide to list our homes, we often think we have plenty of time. Honestly, it takes longer than you think to pack to get ready to move. You should start the packing process long before you put your house on the market. Start giving things away, throwing things away, and stacking boxes neatly in an out of the way area.

Don’t Be Offended by Lowball Offers

Regardless of the market, people will often make lowball offers on a house. Do NOT take it personally. Unrealistic Buyers may want to lowball, in addition to wanting your house to be in mint condition. Trust me when I say – it’s not you, it’s them.

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