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Do You Know What’s in a Name

My husband and I used to own a few rental properties in Downtown Colorado Springs. Most of our tenants were Colorado College students, but every now and then we would get families.

Being the mother of five daughters, it’s no secret that I love babies. When a tenant was late on rent, we called to find out if everything was okay since they’d never been late before. Seems she had just had a baby and she and her husband wanted to know if it would be all right if we came and picked up the check that month since the husband didn’t want to get too far from home because there were two other small children besides the new baby.

Of course I used it as an opportunity to take presents to each of the little girls in this young family, and to get a baby-holding fix. They were so happy to see us and invited us in to meet the newest addition.

The Three C’s

crouched coyote on a red rock on grass

After we’d been there a few minutes, I asked what the newest girl’s name was. Mom proudly informed us that they wanted to make sure all of the names started with a “C,” so they were pleased to introduce us to Cheyenne, Coyote, and Skylar. I mean Skilar. I mean Cskylar. I mean Cikylar. I mean . . . huh?

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By Mimi Foster

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