Your Gravestone

Your Gravestone

Have you ever thought about it? When I was young, with many previous generations of my family having lived in the same area in Central Florida, we used to ‘visit the family’ at the local cemetery on a fairly regular basis (an old Southern tradition).

During that time I used to love to wander through the cemetery and imagine the lives of those who had passed before me. It was fascinating to read the headstones and envision what their lives must have been like, the tragedy or relief of those around them at their demise.

A few years ago, my darling daughter Katie wrote a poem for me for my birthday, sharing about what I meant to her. One line in the poem was, “She isn’t perfect, but she is.” 

I thought about that line several times and how much it meant to me. Somewhere along the way I decided that I wanted it for my headstone, “She wasn’t perfect, but she was.” Simple, but says so much.

Inevitably, it is a fact of life that we will all die. Have you thought about what simple line or two you would like to summarize who you were?

By Mimi Foster

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