After Buyer Finds a House They Like

Prepare a thorough Market Analysis to make sure value in the home is reasonable, call other Agent and pre-negotiate, get disclosures and thoroughly discuss all paperwork, possible offer, and pricing strategy based on professional judgment and market. Sign all paperwork and completed offer (Contract).

  1. Pull property City and tax records
  2. Pull old MLS listing, if applicable
  3. Order Owner & Encumbrance Report
  4. Research property’s current use and zoning
  5. Research and verify legal description of property
  6. Pull comps on Active, Sold, Pending, Withdrawn, Expired, and Cancelled Listings
  7. Research “Average Days on Market” for property of this type and location
  8. Prepare Comparative Market Analysis
  9. Print Map of property and comps
  10. Pre-negotiate with other Agent before writing, if applicable
  11. Prepare Contract and receive all disclosures
  12. Discuss Contract and all other disclosures thoroughly with Buyer
  13. Fill out Seller’s Property Disclosure
  14. Complete Closing Instructions
  15. Complete Lead-Based Obligations of Seller
  16. Complete Lead-Based Paint Disclosure
  17. Complete Square Footage Disclosure
  18. Discuss Comparative Market Analysis
  19. Discuss offer and pricing strategy based on professional judgment and market
  20. Discuss availability of Home Owner’s Warranty
  21. Get copies of leases, if applicable
  22. Ask for floor plan, upgrades, special features, detailed list of amenities

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